Nonya Assam Fish Curry

Nonya Assam Fish Curry

Dec 16, 2022Angelia Khoo




Cooking Time

15 Minutes

Preparation Time

5 Minutes


Half a jar of Assam Sauce
Fish (Fillet, Cutlet or Whole) (Barramundi, snapper or cod)
Water (100-200ml)
1 Tomato (Cut into quarters) or Tamarind puree
Vietnamese Mint Leaves
Optional vegetables: Okra or eggplants

Add half a jar of Assam sauce in a pot.
Add 100ml – 200ml of water, tomatoes and Vietnamese Mint leaves
and bring to boil. Add 2 teaspoons of of Tamarind Puree for a tangier taste.
Add fish and vegetables such as Okra or eggplants.
Add more salt to taste or more paste if a thicker gravy is preferred.
Remove from heat when the fish and vegetables are cooked.
Serve with rice.

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